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New Year's menù (2019-2020)


-Caviar of Capelin on cold polenta with turmeric and ginger

-Dry cod pureé in Venetian style with grilled polenta with cuttlefish black ink

-Local salame cooked in red wine vinegar

-Red head cabbage marined with apples vinegar and honey

First course

-Risotto with local gobit fish

-Pasticcio di lasagne made with Spider Crab, tomatoes and basil sauce

-Pumpkin and potatoes dumplings with almond biscuits and smocked cottage cheese from Cansiglio

Second course

-Baked Prataioli mushrooms filled with local Sea Bream

-Goose medallion filled with chestnuts and sweet potatoes

-Savoy cabbage stew

-Cooked local sausages (Musetto) with red lentils


-Bavarese with dark chocolate and Baicoli biscuit

New Year's toast with Prosecco bio Surli di Renzo Rebuli

€ 120,00 a persona